Inês Silva | March 23, 2020

How to stay home without losing your mind

Last updated on Abril, 3

Almost everyone is now facing social isolation due to covid-19, so we made a list of stuff we can all do at home that can help us overcome boredom, keep your anxiety levels down and stay motivated to do things.

It's normal to feel powerless and overwhelmed, but within all this chaos, we can still find some inner peace with small tasks and some activities.

Keep a routine

Create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself. You may not feel like doing stuff you used to do, and that's ok. Do not punish yourself for not being able to be as productive as you would like to. Be kind to yourself.

Stay in the sun

If the sun is shining, try to make the most of it! Open the windows and get sunlight several minutes a day. This will help you move, improving your daytime energy and sleep quality.

Move your body

Find some free space in your house and do something you enjoy. Physical activity releases brain chemicals that will boost your mood and overall sense of well-being. Dancing, yoga, pilates, bodyweight circuits, random jumps around the house - anything works.



Nike Training Club

Oysho Sport

Planet Fitness

#EuDançoEmCasa - March 21 - April 5

English National Ballet - Live Stream Classes

Core Power Yoga

Gold’s Gym

Adidas Training & Running

Entertain yourself

Take these days as an opportunity to start the hobby you were aiming for too long. Write a journal, paint, watch movies, read books, play video games, listen to podcasts, play an instrument, do a puzzle, visit museums (online). The options are endless. To help with this, several apps, websites, games and institutions are giving content for free.

Museums Virtual Tours

National museum of natural history and science - Lisbon

Calouste Gulbenkian Museum - Lisbon

Vatican Museum - Vatican

Louvre Museum - Paris

Salvador Dali Theatre-Museum - Figueres

British Museum - London

Guggenheim Museum - New York

National Gallery of Art - Washington, D.C.

Musée d’Orsay - Paris

National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art - Seoul

Pergamon Museum - Berlin

Rijksmuseum - Amsterdam

Van Gogh Museum - Amsterdam

The J. Paul Getty Museum - Los Angeles

Uffizi Gallery - Florence

MASP - São Paulo

Versailles Queen’s Hamlet - Paris

Cinema & Series

List of movies on TV

Medeia - 3 movies per week

RTP Play - Always free

Filmin - 30 days free

Mubi - 3 months for 1€

Netflix - 1 month free

HBO - 14 days free

Indie Junior Shorts

40 days 40 movies - April 1 - May 10

Theatre live streams

Teatro Aberto - Portugal

Teatro D. Maria II - Portugal

Hampstead Theatre - I and You, 23-29 March

National Theatre at Home - Every Thursday

Teatro Nacional São Carlos - Portugal

Teatro da Garagem - Portugal


Play it Safe

Berliner Philharmoniker

Live Streams & Virtual Concerts - Updated every day

Moog and Korg - Synth apps for free

#MetallicaMondays - Concerts live streams

iHeart Living Room Concert for America - 29 March


Chiado Books - 1 free book per day

Archipelago Books - 30 free e-books until April 2

Livro Aberto - Portuguese

Fernando Pessoa - 17 free Portuguese e-books


Football Manager 2020 - Free until March 25

Bruno Nogueira live - Portuguese

Pope Francis at Mass

Digital Inventors

Lockdown - Portuguese Game

Lisbon Zoo talks

#riremcasa- Portuguese comedy festival - 26-29 March

Adobe for Kids

Eat with pleasure

Food is one of the most elemental and pleasurable experiences of life, and there is nothing wrong with eating with pleasure or finding comfort in it. Search for new recipes and make slower meals that require the time you never have during regular weekdays. It is also a great time to try making bread, pizza, or fresh pasta from scratch!


Smitten Kitchen

André Cabrita

Bon Appétit

Salt, fat, acid, heat

Pizza Creator

Cooks Illustrated

Home Cooking Podcast

Have fun learning

Nourish your brain with something new. Start learning a language, enrol in an online course, learn how to draw, read about birds, study economics, etc. Just do something you enjoy to fuel your creativity and your overall well being.


Ivy League - 450 free courses

Britannica - Free access to LaunchPacks

Sean Carroll - Physics classes

Lauren Gunderson - Playwriting classes

Instructables - MIT Experimental Lab

Mathletics - Math classes

Escola Virtual - Portuguese virtual school

Aula Digital - Digital content for Portuguese students

Duolingo - Free languages courses

Ironhack Webinars - Code & Design courses

Support your mental health

It's ok to feel more vulnerable, it's ok to feel lost, and it's ok to cry. We control what we can control, so focus on what you can. Avoid too much news, keep a routine, write down your emotions, keep in touch with people (by telephone, email, or social media), and seek help if you need.


Público Psychologist Interview - Portuguese

WHO Stress during covid19 - Portuguese

WHO Children and covid19 - Portuguese

Self-care and wellbeing of health professionals - Portuguese

Guardian Article

WHO Mental Health Considerations

Mental Health Foundation

National Association of School Psychologists

AFSP Instagram

Virus Anxiety

Maven Webinars - Maternal mental health, pregnancy, and fertility


Headspace - Weathering the storm free content

Calm - Free content

Stay with us

We are going to keep updating this blog post with new activities that might come up in the next few weeks. Feel free to reach out if you have any question or need any kind of support. You are not alone.